30 Days of Thanks

by Chanel Smith


What’s going on y’all! It’s been a long time since I last posted, but I’m back! I’ve been very busy with the start of the season and being a new father. They are both tough but I cannot complain. Things have not gone the way that I planned this year YET (It will), but I’m still blessed to be living the dream. It’s so easy to consume our minds with the negatives in life and we sometimes forget to reflect on the positives. So my wife and I have decided to take the month of November (in honor or Thanksgiving), to set aside all complaints and focus on the things that we are thankful for (some of you may have heard of “30 Days of Thanks”). As a spin off of the orginal 30 Days of Thanks, we have created “Torrey and Chanel’s 30 Days of Thanks Challenge”.

The goal of our 30 Days of Thanks Challenge is to simply make a conscious effort to appreciate the simple things in life and the people who make our lives meaningful. Each day of November we will post something for which we are thankful, using the list we created below. Along the way, we will also be engaging in random acts of kindness and will have several opportunities for YOU to win special prizes.ior

So how exactly do you get involved?

  1. Follow my Facebook. Sqor, Instagram, and Twitter Page.
  2. Check each morning for my post to announce the directions and challenge for that day.
  3. Post your picture with the hashtag #TC30Days

*Remember, if you simply mention me on IG or Twitter I may not see it. You must use the hashtag #TC30Days so that we can check it out at night and see your posts.

In the end if everyone joins in we will make a lot of people happy. You’d be surprised at how much a random act of kindness, or kind words can change a person’s day. We can’t wait to see how people we help and/or acknowledge respond and we look forward to reading each of your posts as well. I’m personally looking forward to doing this with you guys as a challenge to myself. It’s easy to be happy and thankful when everything is going your way, but when you have struggles it should be the same way! (I’m talking to myself). Our challenge list is below. Lets do this!

Day 1: God/Faith

Day 2: Family

Day 3: Football

Day 4: Health

Day 5: Transportation

Day 6: Friends

Day 7: Job/Career

Day 8: Spouse/significant other

Day 9: Support/Fans

Day 10: Teachers

Day 11:Music

Day 12: Clean Water

Day 13: Service Workers

Day 14: Forgiveness

Day 15: Technology

Day 16: Children

Day 17: Education

Day 18: Entertainment

Day 19: Food

Day 20: Earth

Day 21: Clothes

Day 22: Freedom

Day 23:Coaches

Day 24: Money yu

Day 25: Shelter

Day 26: Pets

Day 27: Senses

Day 28: Doctors and Nurses

Day 29: Charity

Day 30: Life Itself